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NTAP to 3D Space
Now available. We can accept NTAP data and convert those points to motion within the 3D environment.
Multimedia Presentations
Full Interactive DVD Presentations for your litigation needs ...
our demo CD
Samples of our work are available upon request. Order a demo CD now and investigate your options.   
DDICOM brings an open mind to your needs. We use our business and technical knowledge to understand your environment and help you develop and support existing projects or identify new solutions to ongoing projects. If a solution exists that meets your needs we will help you find it and implement it. If one does not exist, we will help you design, develop, and implement one.
Internet Development
Internet Development Solutions

Web Development

E-Commerce Solutions

Server Design and Implementation
Firewall/Intrusion Detection Solutions
Firewall and Intrusion Detection Solutions
Meeting the needs and specialized skills required to design, install, and maintain today's best security solutions.
Firewall Integration and Design
Firewall Policy Review
Firewall Maintenance/Upgrades
Intrusion Detection
Network Alarms

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